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About Mishpacha's virtual communities

MISHPACHA is Hebrew for family. Mishpacha.org is an innovative on-line community. We are creating a community of learners, a place for parents who want to build a Jewish family -- but find that what they learned as children just isn't enough to meet the needs of their adult life.

We are also a place for people who want a fulfilling Jewish experience that deepens and adds a spiritual dimension to their lives.

Mishpacha brings together groups of people for on-line study and discussion, forming small ongoing virtual communities of Jewish parents -- communities that continue long after the course has ended.

The core of the Mishpacha program is a three-month course in Jewish life, designed to serve as a springboard for discussion and on-line conversation. This course will explore the Jewish lifecycle, calendar, history, culture and tradition. It will take place through readings available on the Web site, a small selection of books that will be provided and -- most importantly -- through private on-line message boards and live chats. We will be providing Torah and other texts, but in our judgment Torah becomes truly alive and holy when refracted through the life and spirit of each person.

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Mishpacha is a project of the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture,


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A project of the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture

Mishpacha is Hebrew for "family". So don't be a stranger: Send your comments to mishpacha@yudel.com

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