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What they're saying about us

In the short time that Mishpacha has been in existence, we have received press coverage from Wired News, the New York Jewish Week, The Forward and the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. Here are some excerpts:

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency:

Learning online provides
'spiritual lifeline' for adults
By Debra Nussbaum Cohen

NEW YORK, Feb. 8, 1998 -- Eleanor Gibson is a cranberry farmer in a rural part of Washington state where hers, she says with a laugh, is one of only two Jewish families in the area.

Every day -- usually for an hour, sometimes for two or three -- she logs onto a new, online adult education course.

At Mishpacha: A Community of Learning for Jewish Parents, Gibson learns about Judaism's views on issues as varied as food and death.

But more importantly, she says, she connects with about 10 other men and women with whom she can chew over the pleasures and challenges of living and parenting as Jews today.

``It's like an emotional, spiritual Jewish lifeline for me," says Gibson, who home schools her two youngest children and lives nearly 80 miles from the nearest synagogue.

Wired News:

Smaller Is Deeper for Jewish Study Site
by Steve Silberman
9:03am  4.Sep.97.PDT
In mid-October, 25 Jewish parents will begin a three-month journey of collective inquiry into essential questions about the meaning of being Jewish - and raising a family in the Jewish tradition in the modern world - on the Web.

Billing itself as "a community of learning," the program, called Mishpacha (the Hebrew word for family) will combine discussion groups, chats, and other tools for online schmoozing with traditional study of sacred texts, guided by a rabbi. What distinguishes Mishpacha from the hundreds of Torah study groups and sites that have flourished on the Net in recent years is that participation in the program will be limited to a small group, in the hopes that participants will weave a fabric of shared experiences that will continue after their completion of the course of study.

"We're trading off being a closed group to attain a deeper degree of intimacy," explains Larry Yudelson, a Web consultant and former editor of the Jewish Communication Network who is acting as technical director for the project. "The idea is that, come next Rosh Hashanah, parents will be able to return to the site and find the people they know."

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