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The gift of giving

Cynthia Barnard writes:

Here is a suggestion I read about a couple of years ago for Chanukah (I regret that I do not recall the author and so cannot give credit!).

Each night, give each child a check for $10, and invite her/him to fill in the recipient. Collect all those charity solicitations that fill your mailbox for the months before the high holidays and the winter holidays, spread 'em out on the dining room table, and get the kids to think about where they want to give "their" tzedakah. The final part is to insist that they write a short note to the recipient explaining why they are sending their gift to that organization. You could write a "form" letter on the computer, with the background of how and why your family is doing this, and have the kids just fill in the reason they chose that charity.

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At the end of Chanukah, you've spent a fair amount of money ($80 per child if you do $10 per night), but it's for NINE wonderful causes - $10 for each of 8 good organizations, and an unmeasurable value of education for your child in the meaning of giving and receiving. (Of course, some families might just do a single check on the 1st or 8th night... whatever suits you!)

I've shared this idea with non-Jewish families and many plan to incorporate it into their Christmas celebrations as well.


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