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The Story of Hanukkah

(Mad Lib® style)

Many __________ (units of time) ago, in the land of _________ (proper place), the Jews were __________ (adjective) until a __________ (adjective) ____________ (noun), ___________ (proper noun) took over. He ____________ (verb past tense) a new _________ (noun), that the Jews could no longer keep _______ (Hebrew word) but instead must follow the ________ (pl. noun) of the Greeks. He even ___________ (past verb) a _________ (animal) in the ___________ (adj.) Temple in _________ (proper place)!

Then one day, __________ (Biblical name) Maccabee fought back! He declared ______ (noun) against the _______ (plural proper noun.) The _______ (same pl. noun) outnumbered them a million to _______ (number).

Hanukkah: What does it mean?

Hanukkah and your family

A giving idea


But God let the ________ (adj) defeat the ________ (adj), the _______ (adj) defeat the _________ (adj.), and the _________ (adj) _________ (adj.)

After _________ (adj.) fighting, Judah's _________ (n.) conquered _______ (proper place) and entered the __________ (place). But when they tried to _________ (verb) the ___________ (noun), there was no unspoiled ________ (adj). Finally, they found ________ (number) _______ (noun) of kosher _________ (noun.) A great ________ (noun) happened! The _________ (noun) _________ (verb past) for _______ (number) __________ (unit of time).

Every since, we ___________ (verb) the _________ (noun) of Hanukkah each ________ (unit of time), lighting _________ (pl. noun) and _____________ (verb) ________________ (pl noun).



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