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Join a Mishpacha community

You are invited to embark on an exciting journey to discover the meaning of Jewishness for you and your family.

For this three-month long learning adventure, a special group of 30 people will gather on-line. We’ll delve deeply into issues of Jewish identity, beliefs, and traditions -- their significance for us and our children. And we’ll explore a Jewish experience that enriches the spiritual dimension of our lives. An experienced Jewish educator will guide the study and aid in shaping discussions. As part of Mishpacha, you’ll help create an ongoing and vital community of people who are talking together, studying together, and sharing important life experiences.

First Person
"I have a renewed energy to pursue my Judaism. I am completely in love with the Mishpacha program."
--A participant in the first Mishpacha program

Share your thoughts. Join our private havurah communities.

This innovative program has already received rave reviews in Wired News, The New York Jewish Week, and the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

Apply now, as we are currently selecting a diverse group of families to join our next session. Parents with any level of Jewish background and observance are welcome.

Mishpacha is a project of the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, an organization composed of 58 Jewish groups including representatives from the Orthodox, Conservative and Reform movements, and other streams of Jewish life.

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Mishpacha is Hebrew for "family". So don't be a stranger: Send your comments to mishpacha@yudel.com

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