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Judaism isn't lived alone. Mishpacha offers three way for you to join with other Jews in exploring your Jewish journey:

Ask Judy

Judy Beck is a seasoned counselor and outreach worker, specializing in helping Jews connect to Jewish life in a way that's right and meaningful for them. Looking for advice? She provides personal responses to your questions, as well as posting answers to questions of broad interest on the "Ask Judy" section of this site.

Private Virtual Communities

Imagine a Jewish community small enough to know everyone, where people come together to explore Jewish life and and the Jewish calendar, where people can share the ups and downs of their daily life and spiritual struggles in a way not possible in a 1000-member synagogue.

Three decades ago, counterculture Jews created just such a community in the havurah, Hebrew for fellowship. Since the first havurot, these small communities have spread across America. Some of the largest synagogues have created dozen of smaller havurah groups among their members, bringing intimacy to their large communities.

This is the idea behind our Mishpacha private communities: Groups of 25 families, who set out together on a three-month discussion of Jewish life and beliefs. While the discussion will be facilitated by a trained facilitator, the private message boards where each Mishpacha havurah congregates separate on-line are roomy enough to encompass wide-ranging discussions, to enbrace all your issues and concerns, whether or not directly related to the curriculum. At the end of the three months, the message board remains intact, enabling the community to continue as long as its participants desire.

To ensure diversity in each community, participants must apply on-line. Those accepted for what is currently a limited number of openings will be asked to pay a $25 fee to help cover the cost of the program.

To apply, click here.


Not interested in talking with a trained community organizer? Don't want to join an on-line community? Just want to kvetch to this Web site? We welcome all kinds of feedback and queries, but remind you, if you want a real person rather than a Webmaster to address your concers, Ask Judy. Otherwise, e-mail us at feedback@mishpacha.org.


Jewish Beliefs
A very brief outline of Jewish thought
A Jewish Journey, Wrestling with God, Fixing the World, Gender Roles

Jewish Practice
A very brief outline of Jewish practice
Blessings, Kosher food, Sabbath, Sexuality, Kaddish & Yizkor

A guide to understanding and celebrating the Jewish calendar
Sabbath, Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Hanukkah, Passover, Purim

Life Cycle
How Jews celebrate and observe life's passages
Birth, Circumcision, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Marriage, Death & Mourning

How to raise a Jewish child
An introduction to Jewish parenting, Traditional texts on parenting, Shabbat as a family, Hanukkah for kids, Children and mourning

How to find a place in your local Jewish community
Why connect? Choosing a place to live, Connecting to schools and synagogues, Shaking up your synagogue, Starting a community, Mishpacha's on-line communities



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