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30 Reasons Why  You  Need to be Part of the Jewish Community
  1. You have moved to a new neighborhood.
  2. You are away from home for the first time.
  3. You are looking for a mate.
  4. You are about to be married.
  5. You have just gotten married.
  6. You have a new baby.
  7. You are on a three month maternity leave.
  8. You have decided  to be a stay at home Mom or Dad .
  9. You need Day Care.
  10. Your child has special needs.
  11. You have kids needing to be educated Jewishly.
  12. You need to find a good summer camp.
  13. Your body is falling apart.
  14. You canít seem to get it together.
  15. You are going through a divorce.
  16. You are dealing with yours, mine and ours.
  17. You  need help caring for an elderly parent.
  18. You have lost your job.
  19. You have just lost a parent, child or spouse.
  20. You are newly retired.
  21. You have become a grandparent.
  22. You are dealing with illness.
  23. You have no one to share the holidays with.
  24. You  have a need to discuss the  mysteries of the universe.
  25. You have unmet spiritual  needs .
  26. You are lonely.
  27. You want to learn to read, write and speak an ancient foreign language.
  28. You have a wanderlust.
  29. You need an interest free loan.
  30. You need a kosher corned beef sandwich on rye with mustard.


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