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Memorial Foundation

The Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture

The Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture initiated the Mishpacha program as part of its on-going efforts to expand and intensify the dissemination of Jewish culture around the world. Our support of Mishpacha is specifically aimed at bringing the wisdom and values of the Jewish heritage to a large and broad audience of Jewish families globally.

Mishpacha, the foundation's first venture in cyberspace, is modeled after its award-winning "Connections" outreach program to marginally- affiliated Jewish families in Metrowest, N.J., and ongoing family seminars conducted globally, including the former Soviet Union.

The Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, the only international body dedicated solely to advancing Jewish cultural activities, was established by Dr. Nahum Goldmann in 1965 with reparation funds from the Government of West Germany.

The Memorial Foundation is composed of 52 international, regional and national Jewish bodies from all around the world, and acts as a "cultural parliament" for the Jewish people. Its trustees include representatives of all segments of the community - Orthodox, Conservative and Reform, Ashkenazi and Sephardi, fraternal and Zionist, religious and secular.

In addition to its support of communities and institutions, the Foundation has developed innovative programs to address needs not adequately met by the Jewish community globally. These include leadership training, reaching the Jewish unaffiliated, Jewish family education, and utilization of new technologies for Jewish culture and education.

At present, the Foundation's programs extend to Jewish communities on six continents, reaching both individuals and institutions at the central core of the community, as well as to Jews affiliated only marginally with Jewish life.

The Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture is committed to the renewal and enhancement of Jewish culture worldwide, and to the development of creative programs to meet the emerging needs of the Jewish communities as they enter the 21st century.

Through Mishpacha, the Memorial Foundation is dedicated to helping families discover their Jewish roots so they can more intelligently choose the kind of Jewish family they wish to create.

We would be grateful to receive your comments and reactions to Mishpacha. Please contact us via e-mail at jcult@aol.com. Or, you may write or fax us at the Foundation:

Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture
15 East 26th Street (Suite 1703)
New York, NY 10010

Fax # (212) 889-9080

Rabbi Alexander M. Schindler

Mrs. June Jacobs
Chairperson, Mishpacha

Dr. Jerry Hochbaum
Executive Vice-President

Advisory board (in formation)

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