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on blessings[Approval Pending]

Author: Wendy F.
Date: Nov. 29

I wish I could make meals more thankful, because I realize that the food is from G-d and I wouldn't take food at another person's home without saying please and thank-you, but it always seems that when I am in a hurry and also hungry it's hard to remember.

Author: Janice A.
Date: Nov. 30

We don't keep kosher now, nor did I ever growing up. While I would like to be more observant, I see our family doing so first by blessing our food, by having a more cohesive, family mealtime.

Author: Hadass E.
Date: Dec. 10 12:05 AM 1997

I'm now working on trying to remember to say the blessings and wash my hands in the morning, right after getting up. That's the really difficult one, it's hard enough to keep my eyes open, let alone say blessings! But I *am* grateful for seeing each new day, and I'd like to do something to express that.

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Author: George H.
Date: Dec. 10 12:22 AM 1997

I usually will remember to say the blessing before my individual meals during the day, but not always.

I know that I should—it would make me focus more on what I'm eating, and when I'm grabbing a quick bite at my desk at work, that would be a good idea. And sometimes I'm so engrossed in the work that I could be eating cat food, for all I know.

Author: Melisa C.
Date: Dec. 10 5:24 PM 1997

One of the strongest motivations for me in learning about Judaism and beginning to try and "connect" with G-d came from an incredible swelling sense of gratitude that I began to feel once I started coming out of the haze of having a (second) infant.. I really would love to get in the habit (or rhythm?) of remembering to bless all my food each day, and other "gifts" as well.


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