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Mishpacha participants speak

Excerpted with permission from on-line discussions in the Mishpacha private communities

on the Mishpacha communities

A selection of comments by Mishpacha participants on the Mishpacha program

  • Through Mishpacha I have also learned perspectives on how to balance my strong belief in woman's equality with traditions that seem to demean women and relegate us to only caregivers. The sharing of both the joys of our lives and the pains we are suffering has made this experience very real, very human, and from my perspective, very Jewish. For all of this I thank all of you.

  • I've learned much from everyone, not the least of which is that we can all care about and respect each other in spite of our varying levels of observance, and stages of participation in a formal Jewish setting

  • I think this program has shown us all what a wide variety there is among committed Jews. And the support has been tremendous!

  • I have learned a lot but it hasn't changed where I am Jewishly. HOWEVER, it had sure made a change in my family. I feel that your love, concern and encouragement really helped. Thank you all. I love you all.

  • When I first came to Mishpacha I felt Jewish observance was all or nothing. In Mishpacha I learned that there's a way to be observant yet not torture yourself beyond your capabilities. I still have a ways to go in that area, but I'm feeling better and better about it.

  • Our life's journey has somehow brought us all here and for me, has reminded me of how important it is to hold these discussions off line, within the synagogue and with the larger Jewish community. In terms of where we go from here, I pray that we can all take some of the new perspectives and ideas to find ways to enrich our communities.....I do think that some of these discussions have made me want to become more involved in other aspects of our synagogue, and so Mishpacha has helped lead me there.

  • One of the things that I loved about the Mispacha concept was the diversity of views and life situations.

Mishpacha private communities

The Mishpacha private communities bring together cohesive, ongoing groups of 25 people to engage in discussion. Participants will delve deeply into issues of Jewish identity, beliefs, and traditions -- and probe their significance for us and our children.

As a member of a Mishpacha community, you'll explore a Jewish experience that will enrich the spiritual dimension of your life. An experienced Jewish educator will guide the study and aid in shaping discussions. As part of Mishpacha, you’ll help create an ongoing and vital community of people who are talking together, studying together, and sharing life's experiences in an atmosphere of searching, support, and respect..

Mishpacha utilizes message boards and live chats to create the community. If you're interested in taking part, please fill out our Application Form.

More Mishpacha discussions

  • Mmmmm, a "Mishpacha-type" person.... one who has similar Jewish goals, even though he/she may approach it differently and may be on a different rung on his/her ladder. We don't need to explain to each other how much Judaism has means to each of us - it is something we already understand about each other. Someone who is easy to talk to and interesting to listen to; and, oh yes, a really nice person.

  • I find this group very inspiring as I try to weave more observances into our daily life.

About Mishpacha's virtual communities

How it works


  • I am astounded when I think of some of the deep confidences we are baring here to people we've never even seen. I am beginning to see that maybe we all fit in somewhere in Judaism and as long as we fit in somewhere then there's lots of room for discussions from the details of kashering a kitchen to a vague sense of G-d. I certainly appreciate being included in the conversation. I feel very lucky to have found this place.

  • I do know that I am finding that this place online, is VERY important to me and that each and every one of you have become "family" for me.

  • When we open up to each other like you did, we are building this "Mishpacha" community, because we can recognize our commonalities.

  • (O)ne of the purposes of Mishpacha was to help us to see Jewish tradition and observance with a fresh eye, and to bring us towards new and rediscovered gems of Jewishness that will enhance our lives. So it definitely seems to be working!

  • It's so great to have these kind of thoughts and be able to go to my computer and express them. Thanks, again, for being there.



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