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 Shabbat as a family

There are some wonderful Shabbat traditions to share with your entire family. Here are some ideas:

Pre-Shabbat Projects

  • Bake challah with your children.

  • Have your children make an object for Shabbat, like a challah cover or havdalah candle.

Award-winning challah recipe

Creating a Shabbat mood

  • Include your children in as many Sabbath rituals as possible. Children are fascinated by the magic of rituals, in particular the lighting of candles. Make sure they are present for the lighting of candles, for the washing of hands and breaking of bread, and one of their all-time favorite rituals: havdalah, the service for concluding the Sabbath.

  • Sing songs at the dinner table.

  • Turn off the television and enjoy one another.

  • Play your child's favorite games on Shabbat to show them it is a special day.

  • Saturday afternoon is a nice time for the entire family to take time to read, rest, or take leisurely walks.

  • Read the portion of the Torah with your entire family and play quiz games with your children. The weekly portion can also be an interesting springboard for discussion: "What would you do in similar circumstances?"

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Shabbat as a family 

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